First Visit

Your pet’s first visit…

We know that leaving your pet for the first time can be overwhelming. You may wonder how your pet will adjust to new people, a new environment, new animals & a new routine. First of all, know that your pets are our family. We will take the time to get to know them so that they have the best experience and care.

 Here are some suggestions for making your first stay GREAT!

To do before drop-off:

  • Come get a facility tour. View our gallery now
  • Submit your vet paperwork to us by fax or email . Vaccination requirements
  • Fill out an emergency release/statement of kennel policy. Make sure you’ve spoken to a local family member, friend or neighbor about being an emergency contact for while you’re away.
  • Consider doing one or more days of daycare prior to boarding. This will give you an idea of how your pet will do when boarding, and will help acclimate your dog.

For your pets’ stay:

  • We recommend that your dog stay on his/her own diet. An abrupt change in diet may inhibit eating or cause digestive upset. Bring only about as much food as your dog will need for their stay in plastic bags labeled with their name, or in a clearly marked container. We will make your dog’s food to order, so if you add canned food, veggies, or rice, for example, you may bring that as well. We have a fridge, freezer & microwave.
  • You are welcome to bring treats or chews in addition to food. The dogs may get these at feeding times, or as a bedtime treat.
  • If your dog is on any medication, we prefer that the medication arrive in its’ original container.
  • We recommend bringing a blanket, toy, or bone to place in your dogs’ kennel (anything they would be trusted with unsupervised is good). The familiarity of the objects may bring them added comfort. Please understand that these items are leave at your own risk.
  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions