Founder and Owner
Meet Lori, founder of Club Pet! As our fearless leader, Lori can take on any challenge, working not only as the owner of the business, but also as a groomer and occasional handy-woman! "Club Pet is my dream come true. From as far back as I can remember, I always had animals. Aside from the family menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, horses, ponies , cows, ducks, chickens, excetera, l would collect any other critters I could find. I would bring home baby birds, snakes, frogs, bunnies, bugs--anything I could find to take care of. "My dogs were always my best friends. One of my favorite childhood memories was laying in a litter of thirteen six-week-old Saint Bernard puppies, having them climbing all over me, nibbling and licking, playing with me and each other. So much fun. "So, it is really no surprise that I am very honored to be serving the world in this way. Three days after we opened our doors on July 1st, 1997, Club Pet was full for the first time. "I am so grateful for the outstanding staff we have now and have had through the years. The heart of Club Pet is and always has been our staff. We have the most loving, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, hard-working people here to care for your furry family members. From the day we opened almost twenty years ago, it has always been the heart of the staff at Club Pet that sets us far above all others."
Assistant Manager
Meet Shelby (and her beloved Ela)! Shelby happily works in the kennel as an assistant manager! She’s been working with Club Pet since 2011!
Meet Missy (and Dexter and Wilma)! Missy’s been with us since 2013 and works as both an amazing manager in the kennel, as well as a fantastic groomer!
Meet Heidi (and Cooper)! Heidi has been with us since 2015 and is a fabulous member of Club Pet, working hard in our grooming department!
Kennel Attendant + Doggy Bather
Meet Kristy (and Tequila)! Kristy started with us in 2016 and is a valuable member of the Club Pet team, working hard in our kennel area, as well as in our grooming department as a fantastic doggy bather!
Meet Jennifer, one of our fabulous groomers, and Rex (a Newfoundland)! Jennie has been with us since 2006!
Meet Dawn (and also Spike)! This fabulous groomer has been working hard at Club Pet since 2001!
Shift Lead Kennel Attendant
Meet Aarika, with her precious Sparks! She's been a valued member of the Club Pet team since 2016, acting as a shift lead kennel attendant, as well as the occasional doggy bather!
Shift Lead Kennel Attendant
Meet Ashlee and her lovely Copper! She's been working hard with us here at Club Pet since early 2017, acting as a valued lead kennel attendant!
Kennel Attendant
Meet Faith (and Peanut Butter)! The former has been a valuable member of the Club Pet pack since 2017!